Looking for Lessons

For a second I thought of “Looking for Lessons” as the name of this blog. But I quickly thought better of it. It’s a terrible name, unless the goal is to induce boredom prior to first line of body copy.

But perhaps it’s excusable as a post title. I like it because, boring as it might sound in copy, that’s what I’m doing.

My intention with this blog is to share observations and ask questions. Perhaps on occasion it might … possibly… hopefully … spark ideas for some readers.

The blog posts will primarily focus on topics related to marketing, digital and otherwise.

But the world is a very interesting place, and you never know what will catch one’s attention or spur a conversation.

I hope that writing this blog will be interesting for me and hopefully at times for others as well.

If I’m at some point I’m at loss for ideas and ask you to guest author a post… kindly say “yes.”

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