Thank you for a great first year

By the|G|™ Used under the Creative Commons Attribution license

It feels like an appropriate moment, i.e., Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., to mention that this autumn I passed the one-year mark writing The Contrast Principle.

It is especially timely because one of the most heartfelt reflections I have about the experience is how much I appreciate the time readers have spent with the blog.

As airlines like to acknowledge that they “know you have your choice of carriers,” I understand how many things — whether online, on your phone or in the non-digital world for that matter — vie for your attention each day. I also know how many of us feel like we have less and less free time.

So at this time of thanks I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your readership.

Other reflections from the first year (or 14 months, to be precise)….

I’ve enjoyed the process of writing the blog: from experiencing the spark of an idea to thinking through the topic, performing needed research, writing, proofreading and the satisfaction of pushing the “publish” button.

Admittedly I haven’t posted as often as I’d have liked (see the comment above about lack of time). Or even as often as ideas have struck me — I don’t know how many topics I’ve scribbled down but haven’t yet turned into posts. However, each time I have posted it’s been accompanied by a sense of accomplishment.

Adding to my thanks above, I am also extremely grateful for all the responses I’ve received. Thank you to everyone who has commented on post topics — whether on the blog itself, via the Contact email, or in person — or who have “liked” or shared posts.

Lastly, I’m thankful that this blog has been a gateway to connecting with both new people and old friends. I’ve received emails and blog-related LinkedIn connection requests from people as far away as Asia and as close by as downtown L.A.

I’m looking forward to another year of The Contrast Principle and hope you’ll continue to join me.

– Josh Cole, 11/28/13

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