Are you on Instagram?

I recently started a personal account and would be honored if readers of this blog were to follow me.

My user name is ContrastPrinciple (

I’ll be happy to follow you back!


As you probably know, Instagram is on a tear.

Unique users were up 66% in 2013, making it the fastest growing of the top 10 apps according to Nielsen, and its momentum continues in 2014 (with brands as well as individuals).

One reason for its popularity: its core functionality specifically matches a prevailing trend in digital content creation and consumption — namely, more photos and short videos, and less text. And selfies. Not only the functionality but also the ethos of the environment is selfie-friendly.

Instagram’s functionality is easy to use and is also an almost perfect time kill — scrolling through photos and short videos (15 seconds max) requires very low mental commitment while waiting in a line, etc.

I’ve been involved with Instagram in my job since my team launched accounts for Universal Studios Hollywood, Halloween Horror Nights, and CityWalk. However, unlike our Facebook profiles which I was actively involved in starting, my input with the Instagram accounts has been on an oversight basis. Luckily, since the days when we first began social media initiatives, I’ve been able to hire social-media experts who have taken our initiatives to a much higher place. (I’m very proud of the team’s fantastic work).

Instagram has really caught my attention lately and in an effort to become more actively involved, I’m off and running with the new personal account.

Please join me.

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