About me

I am not a singer or hip-hop artist.

Those are other people. This J Cole is a marketing professional lacking musical talent.

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer of Sky Zone Franchise Group, the original and industry-leading trampoline park.  Sky Zone has over 180 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, India and the Middle East. It’s a great company to work for —  fast growing company with a fun product and great culture.

Previously I worked for 15 years at NBC Universal; the majority of that time I was responsible for Digital Marketing and E-commerce for Universal Studios Hollywood, where I led consumer-facing digital marketing (social media, advertising, website content strategy), mobile marketing and e-commerce.

I enjoy work projects that have an international focus. Sky Zone has parks open in Australia, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia and now the UK (a new brand, Freedome), and I’m looking forward to helping the brand continue to expand. For Universal, I created marketing programs for overseas markets, including the launch of Universal Studios Hollywood’s first Mandarin-language website for the Chinese market (USH.cn). Previously I had the opportunity to work in Osaka as part of the Universal Studios Japan grand opening marketing team; before that I lived and worked in Spain and the U.K.

I consider myself lucky to have become professionally involved in digital marketing and e-commerce at a relatively early point, in the late ‘90s. It has been fascinating and even exciting to be in the industry as it has evolved so much and in so many different ways.

A benefit of entering the field at that time was the opportunity to gain a breadth of exposure that might be harder to obtain today, given larger teams and more defined roles and specializations.

On the personal front, I am a husband and father of two boys. I try to be an informed citizen of the world and want to see as much of it as possible. While I previously had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, in more recent years (read: parenthood) it has been more lust for, than actual, wandering.

Outside work I enjoy having fun with my family, whether taking hikes in the hills of L.A. or playing sports and chasing my sons around the park.

Josh Cole with son, relaxingI started this blog in the fall of 2012 and enjoy writing it, although I don’t update it as often as I should. It’s been great to receive feedback from old friends and new acquaintances alike. The blog is named The Contrast Principle because…well, a can’t-miss post explains it all.

The views and opinions expressed on The Contrast Principle are personal and do not reflect those of Sky Zone or, for older posts, Comcast, NBCUniversal or Universal Studios.

Let me end with a sincere thank you for checking out my blog and writings.

— Joshua (Josh) Cole

If interested, more details about my professional background are on LinkedIn

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